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Remote Deposit


Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley
brings this banking convenience to you through state-of-the-art technology and Check 21 legislation, providing the legal basis for digital check imaging.

You nolonger have to make a trip to the bank to deposit your checks, whether daily or a few times a week. Checks are deposited at the convenience of your office by scanning and transmitting directly to the Bank.

HOW DOES Remote Deposit WORK?
Using a browser based solution, you scan the checks and electronically deliver a deposit file to the Bank. You never have to fill out a deposit slip, go to the bank, or use a courier again. Scanning can be completed at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The digital images of the transmitted checks are processed by the Bank through its normal clearing channels, similar to paper checks. The checks are scanned in batches, proofed, and transmitted directly to the Bank. The image of each check is either cleared through image exchange or printed as an image replacement document (IRD), which has become the legal substitute for the check.

You benefit from greater speed, accuracy, and time flexibility. You do not need to leave your office and can scan your checks 24/7.

Our staff will assist your staff with a Remote Deposit demonstration and will then assist with its implementation at your office.


  • Offers a fully browser-based solution that requires no software installation.
  • Automatically balance deposits before submission.
  • Scan keystrokes and increase the accuracy of balanced deposits with extremely accurate Courtesy and Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR)software.
  • Review and upload check images to the Web server with a supporting text file.
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